Ireland’s Ancient East

It is said that when you learn the stories of a place, you’ll come to understand the soul of its people. From ancient high kings to modern-day poets, saints and scholars to ramblers and fishermen, Ireland’s Ancient East pulsates with legendary tales.

At first sight, Ireland’s Ancient East is carpeted by lush landscapes and idyllic towns, framed by the Irish Sea. But this land is also full of secrets. And the secrets are everywhere. Every cairn has a story, every castle turret has a tale, every hill may hide heroic sagas. Ask the people you meet and you will hear them tell of the legends, triumph and sometimes tragedy that whirl around its round towers, opulent mansions, and prehistoric monuments.

Brimming with these stories from centuries gone by, Ireland’s Ancient East certainly celebrates its historic side. Yet the people across these lands know how to have fun! Time your visit for every kind of festival imaginable, including garden parties, opera, jazz and comedy, and simply soak up the party atmosphere.

There’s more than one way to soak up 5,000 years of history around Ireland’s Ancient East. Self-drive, coach trips, cycling, cruising or walking – it will be a journey you’ll remember forever!

For more information, click on the logo below to visit the official Ireland’s Ancient East page that can help you plan the trip.

Have fun,

Stuart & Thomas